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SegmentIO – Marketing WordPress Theme


SegmentIO is the perfect WordPress Theme for Marketing, SEO, Creative Agency, Social Media, Startup or a digital marketing agency. If you are in need of a simple but powerful website design to create a landing page, a team portfolio or to tell a story, to pitch your brand to your visitors in an impressive way, then SegmentIO is absolutely the WordPress theme for you. SegmentIO is not just a marketing WordPress theme. It’s more than that, it’s the WordPress theme that solve any marketing-related problem for any team, any company, any startup or agency.

With the success of the top selling Education WordPress Theme Eduma and Luxury Hotel WordPress Theme Sailing, and our experience building themes for our 40.000+ clients in the past 10 years, we built this SegmentIO theme with the most advanced features and functionalities that our previous themes has, expecting to bring joy and xyz to the web creation process.

Using SegmentIO, you can easily build a website or a landing page to showcase your team’s project and portfolio to win customers in any marketing related projects.

It is not only beautifully designed with a bunch of elegant website elements to fit any of your purposes or web design idea, it also has all the features you will ever need in building website for a marketing, a startup or SEO team.