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Weekly News: Facebook Messenger Turns 10, Adds 4 New Features

Google’s Page Title Update is Dynamic and Reactive to Changes

Google’s new system for generating web page titles is dynamic and will respond to changes to HTML tags.

As more new information comes out about Google’s update to generating web page titles, we learn it’s dynamic and will react to on-site changes. That means the replacement text Google chooses for page titles is not set in stone.

When you modify a page’s HTML title tag, Google will take the updated text into consideration and react accordingly. This is stated by Google’s Danny Sullivan on Twitter in response to a question from Lily Ray.

Ray asks how often Google will refresh its selected title for a page, noting that it’s common for news outlets to modify titles after publishing.

Sullivan says he believes Google’s new title tag system is dynamic. Further, he reveals refinements have already been made and more are on the way. “I’ll have to check by I believe it’s all fairly dynamic and reactively to changes. I’ll also reiterate what we said in the post. We’ve already made some refinements and plan more.”

Google Wants Feedback on Page Title Update
Mueller started a tread in the Search Console Help forums where you can share your experience with this update and how it’s affecting your site.

He asks that you be as detailed as possible in your submission. Include the URL of the page, the title shown, the device type used, and any feedback you have on that title. You can even include a screenshot if you wish.

At the time of this writing there are only two replies to the thread, so not a lot of feedback so far. Though it appears Google has some issues to work out.

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Source: Google’s Page Title Update is Dynamic and Reactive to Changes

Instagram rolls out sponsored product listings for all merchants

After testing over the last few weeks, Instagram is now rolling out its new feature. This new feature is promoting the product listings option in the form of a Shop tab. It will help all the merchants in this app.

Brands with their product listing can now promote them using the Shop tab. They will need to use this feature with a “sponsored’ disclaimer marking for the paid posts.

Instagram explained that after successful research, they are now launching ads on the Instagram Shop tab. It will make it easier for people to discover the shop from the brand when they are browsing. These ads will appear in the form of a turtle on the Instagram Shop tab home page.

Instagram has not yet said what ‘successful’ means in this context. But it seems like the promoted listings have not yet had any negative impact on user engagement. It could be helping in driving results for early brands.

Clicking on the sponsor product will take users through a thorough journey on the product details page. They will be able to learn more about that particular item from that place. The details page will also highlight additional products from that particular brand.

Source: Instagram rolls out sponsored product listings for all merchants

WordPress Classic Editor Support Extended for at Least Another Year

Last week, I reached out to several members of the core WordPress committers to see if we could get an official word on whether Classic Editor support would continue beyond the mere months it seemingly had left to live. I received a semi-official answer but was asked to hold off on publishing for a more detailed and nuanced response.

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Earlier today, WordPress executive director Josepha Haden Chomposy announced the official decision. It was just as expected. The WordPress project would continue supporting the Classic Editor plugin for a while longer.

“At the time, we promised to support the plugin through 2021 and adjust if needed as the deadline got closer,” she wrote. “After discussing this with Matt [Mullenweg], it’s clear that continuing to support the plugin through 2022 is the right call for the project as well as the community.”

Source: WordPress Classic Editor Support Extended for at Least Another Year

Calling all future-focused search marketers, submit a pitch for SMX Next!

SMX Next returns virtually on November 9-10, 2021 focusing on forward-thinking search marketing.

AI and machine learning have already become part of both paid and organic search performance. Commerce platforms are just as powerful as the traditional search engines for driving sales. And new ways to deliver content across search and social platforms are giving creative marketers more options for driving engagement.

SMX Next will explore next-generation strategies, equipping attendees with emerging SEO and PPC tactics as well as expert insights on the future of the search marketing profession.

Whether you’ve been speaking for years or are just dipping your toes into speaking, please consider submitting a session pitch. We are always looking for new speakers with diverse points of view.

Here are a few tips for submitting a compelling session proposal:

  • Present an original idea and/or unique session format.
  • Include details about what an attendees will be able to do better or different as a result of attending your session.
  • Include a case study or specific examples and explain how they can be applied in different types of organizations.
  • Be realistic about what you can present in the time allotted. You can’t cover everything about your topic. Going more in-depth on a narrow topic is often more valuable to the attendee.
  • Provide tangible takeaways and a plan of action.
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Source: Calling all future-focused search marketers, submit a pitch for SMX Next!

Facebook Messenger Turns 10, Adds 4 New Features

Facebook is adding new features for its 10th anniversary, including the ability to send cash and play games with friends.

As Facebook Messenger turns 10 years old, it’s adding four new features to enhance communication with friends, family, and colleagues.

Among the new capabilities are a way to send and receive cash gifts, as well as a way to create polls in group chats.

Here’s more about what’s being added today, and a look what Facebook has planned for Messenger in the future.

4 New Features in Facebook Messenger

1. Send & Receive Cash Gifts

2. Group Chat Poll Games

3. Birthday Expression Tools

4. New Way to Share Contacts

Upcoming Feature: Word Effects

Source: Facebook Messenger Turns 10, Adds 4 New Features

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