Weekly News: Podcast knowledge panels go live in Google Search

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Google seems to be rolling out podcast-based knowledge panels in Google Search. When you search for your favorite podcast, you might see a new knowledge panel show up in the search results.

Example. Here is an example for the Azeem Digital Asks podcast showing up with a new knowledge panel on the right hand side of the desktop Google search results page:

podcast knowledge panels go live in google search

This shows for many podcasts, although not all, so it seems like Google is still trying to roll this out more fully. Google has yet to officially announce this new search feature.

Here are some more examples the SEO community is talking about on Twitter:

Source: Podcast knowledge panels go live in Google Search

WP Fastest Cache Patches Authenticated SQL Injection and Stored XSS Via CSRF Vulnerabilities

The Jetpack Scan team has published a summary of two issues recently discovered in the WP Fastest Cache plugin – an Authenticated SQL Injection vulnerability and a Stored XSS Via CSRF vulnerability.

“If exploited, the SQL Injection bug could grant attackers access to privileged information from the affected site’s database (e.g., usernames and hashed passwords),” Automattic security research engineer Marc Montpas said. This particular vulnerability can only be exploited on sites where the Classic Editor plugin is both installed and activated.

“Successfully exploiting the CSRF and Stored XSS vulnerability could enable bad actors to perform any action the logged-in administrator they targeted is allowed to do on the targeted site,” Montpas said. He also found that attackers could “abuse some of these options to store rogue Javascript on the affected website.”

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Source: WP Fastest Cache Patches Authenticated SQL Injection and Stored XSS Via CSRF Vulnerabilities

Google Mobile Search Updated With Continuous Scrolling

Google Search on mobile is getting updated with continuous scrolling, which will automatically populate more results when users scroll to the bottom of the page.

For searchers this is a welcome quality of life upgrade, as it’s now possible to scroll through an almost endless list of results to find right content.

Now, the ‘see more’ button isn’t gone for good, but Google says searchers will be able to scroll through “many more” results before triggering it.

This change can be hugely beneficial to publishers, because we all know page two of Google doesn’t see nearly as much traffic as page one.

With continuous scrolling on mobile, it’s almost like all results are page one results now.

This change can create the illusion that the user hasn’t left the first page of SERPs, leading to them discovering and potentially clicking on URLs they otherwise wouldn’t have.

It’s a user interface design that works extremely well on mobile for apps like TikTok and Instagram’s Explore page.

On TikTok, users can continuously scroll down their feed and the app will keep populating more videos to look at.

This endless stream of content keeps people on the app for hours.

With the same design being applied to Google Search, this can increase content discovery significantly.

Websites ranking on the second page of Google (and lower) may start to see their traffic go up as a result of this update.

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We’ll see as the months go on if this change helps increase traffic for low ranking pages.

Source: Google Mobile Search Updated With Continuous Scrolling

Nothing is wrong with your ABM strategy, but your execution fails

The verdict is in: Sales and Marketing are aligned on ABM strategy but are falling short on execution. While 96% of Sales and Marketing leaders agree that personalized communications to prospects are the most effective, the majority agree that feasibility is a major challenge to personalization at scale. Stop missing opportunities! It’s time you got the most out of your investments in ABM.

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Source: Nothing is wrong with your ABM strategy, but your execution fails

Instagram’s new practice mode will help you avoid live video goof ups

To avoid live video startup mistakes, Instagram is adding a new feature called ‘practice mode.’ It’ll let you and your guests join the live video before it’s broadcasted to your followers.

This will help you set up the video and check the sound, light, and stability of connections so it looks like a professional production when it goes live. The firm said the practice mode feature will be rolling out soon.

Apart from this, Instagram is also launching a scheduling feature for live video creators so that they can notify their audience in advance. The company will let you schedule a session 90 days before the event, and notify your viewers when you create it.

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Starting today, the scheduling feature will be rolled out to all creators.

Instagram is a bit late to the party when it comes to scheduling live videos. Facebook and YouTube have offered this feature for many years now. TikTok rolled it out last year with its new set of creator tools.

Source: Instagram’s new practice mode will help you avoid live video goof ups

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