Weekly News: Website themes can affect SEO to some extent


Website themes can affect SEO to some extent

Google has recently published a short video. It has answered if website themes can affect SEO or not. The video host John Mueller said yes. A website theme will affect a site’s SEO. He has also noted how this can happen.

Mueller said it is easy to consider website themes just as a bunch of colors on top of a finished structure. But it involves many other things. A theme will impact how a website displays many other elements which are the core of SEO. It can affect Text, headings, images, interlinking of a page, page loading time, and structured data.

As Google says, good themes make it easier for the search engines to have a proper understanding of the content. Mueller further affirmed that the change of a website theme would affect the SEO of a website.

Mueller suggests it is a good idea to test website themes before you choose one. He has recommended trying themes on a test website. It is better to add content from the previous website. He further recommended blocking indexing for a text website so that Google does not crawl it accidentally. He further added, it is better to Review the HTML that you generate from a theme.

Source: Website themes can affect SEO to some extent

Facebook presents ease of funding for SMBs

To support the diverse businesses and to better address the need for cash flow, Facebook is offering new ways to access funding. Now businesses can connect with business resources and groups or networks. Many small businesses are still dealing with financial struggles.

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As per a report from Facebook, 60% of SMBs have said that it was difficult for them to pay expenses. A quarter of them has reported that they had to pay off debt, rent, bills, and employee wages.

Facebook is now introducing new programs and tools. It will help to assist businesses in overcoming these challenges. These new inclusions also include the Facebook invoice fast track program and a new funding resource for SMBs.

With the Facebook Invoice Fast Track Program, instead of waiting for a 60-120 days period, businesses can get paid in a few days. This program will help businesses to get payment faster. With its starting on October 1, eligible small businesses in the US will get the opportunity to get immediate cash. They will also get easy payment for the goods and services that they have invoiced for their customers.

Source: Facebook presents ease of funding for SMBs

WooCommerce 5.7 will be released on September 21, 2021

As many folks know, WooCommerce Core adheres to a monthly release cycle, and as a general rule, our aim has been to publish final releases on the second Tuesday of each month. For WooCommerce 5.7, this date will be shifting back by one week to September 21, 2021.

This shift will not be permanent and should not impact the time frame for subsequent releases. We anticipate a return to the customary second-Tuesday release for WooCommerce 5.8 in October. You can read more about the different steps in the WooCommerce Core release process in this article. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to leave us questions in the comments below or reach out to us in the WooCommerce Community Slack.

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Source: WooCommerce 5.7 will be released on September 21, 2021

New Go malware Capoae targets WordPress installs, Linux systems

On Thursday, Larry Cashdollar, senior security researcher at Akamai said the malware, dubbed Capoae, is written in the Golang programming language — fast becoming a firm favorite with threat actors due to its cross-platform capabilities — and spreads through known bugs and weak administrative credentials. 

Vulnerabilities exploited by Capoae include CVE-2020-14882, a remote code execution (RCE) flaw in Oracle WebLogic Server, and CVE-2018-20062, another RCE in ThinkPHP.

The malware was spotted after a sample targeted an Akamai honeypot. A PHP malware sample arrived through a backdoor linked to a WordPress plugin called Download-monitor, installed after the honeypot’s lax credentials had been obtained through a brute-force attack.

This plugin was then used as a conduit to deploy the main Capoae payload to /tmp, a 3MB UPX packed binary, which was then decoded. XMRig is then installed in order to mine for the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency.

Source: New Go malware Capoae targets WordPress installs, Linux systems

Udemy expands corporate learning platform for businesses with new features

Udemy said the Business Pro platform will offer employers new features like Udemy Paths, skills assessments, workspaces, and hands-on labs across critical skills in information technology, software development and data & analytics.

Instructors with Udemy helped design the Business Pro tool to be an “end-to-end learning experience” that helps employees keep up with evolving industry demands through pre-curated Udemy Paths and risk-free practice environments.

Udemy Business president Greg Brown said their customers are experiencing major workplace changes, especially when it comes to upskilling and role development.

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“We believe the pandemic has served as a catalyst for the already rapid shift to online learning, and Udemy Business Pro is the next iteration in supporting that shift,” Brown said. “Udemy Business Pro will bring personalized, practical, and hands-on learning to essential technical roles, which we believe will ultimately improve productivity and help organizations build technical teams ready for the challenges of tomorrow.”

Source: Udemy expands corporate learning platform for businesses with new features

YouTube Adds Traffic & Revenue Data to Mobile Analytics

YouTube is bringing more analytics reports to mobile that were previously only available on desktop, which includes data about traffic sources and revenue.

Creators can now stay informed about their earnings while they’re on the go, and see how viewers are finding their videos.

Speaking of revenue, YouTube is giving creators a new way to plead their case if they feel they were incorrectly removed from the YouTube Partner Program.

Here’s more about the announcements from YouTube’s weekly news update.

Monthly Revenue Report

Transaction Revenue Report

Traffic Sources Performance Report

Appeals Via Video

Source: YouTube Adds Traffic & Revenue Data to Mobile Analytics

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