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Weekly News: Facebook Home tab to show more content recommendations

Facebook Home tab to show more content recommendations

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced two significant changes to the Facebook app that will make it feel like a hybrid of TikTok and “Facebook classic.”

What’s new: Users will start seeing these changes starting today:

  • The Home tab will include more personalized content recommendations, with a greater emphasis on Reels and Stories.
  • A new Feeds tab that will allow users to see posts from friends, groups and Pages in reverse chronological order.

The rollout is expected to take about a week. These changes will come to the desktop later this year.

How Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the change. “One of the most requested features for Facebook is to make sure people don’t miss friends’ posts. So today we’re launching a Feeds tab where you can see posts from your friends, groups, Pages and more separately in chronological order. The app will still open to a personalized feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content we think you’ll care most about. But the Feeds tab will give you a way to customize and control your experience further.”

What it looks like. Here’s a screenshot Facebook shared:

facebook feeds

Official announcement. Facebook has published the official news announcement here.

Source: Facebook Home tab to show more content recommendations

Google Lets Businesses Set Auto Responses To Common Questions

Google is rolling out a new feature for Business Profiles that allows you to set up automated responses to frequently asked questions from customers.

Using this feature, you can suggest questions for people to ask when messaging your business via your Google Business Profile. Similar to how a customer service chatbot works on business websites.

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Also, in the style of a chatbot, you can set up automated responses to the questions.

This feature was spotted by SEO professional Stefan Somborac, who shared his discovery on Twitter:

new feature for messages on google business profile twitter

Here’s more about how automated FAQs work and how to set them up for your business.

How To Set Up Automated FAQs On Your Google Business Profile

To enable automated FAQs for your Google Business Profile, follow these steps:

  • Search for “my business” in Google on a web browser.
  • Click Customers and then Messages.
  • Click Menu, and then Message settings, and then Manage frequently asked questions.
  • Click +Add a question

You can set up ten questions per business profile. Questions can be maximum of 40 characters, and answers can be maximum of 500 characters.

Source: Google Lets Businesses Set Auto Responses To Common Questions

New Instagram videos under 15 minutes will automatically become Reels

As Reels gain in popularity, Instagram is taking it upon itself to move any video you post under 15 minutes (if your account is public) into the Reels category.

When you go to post a video to your profile, Instagram will show this alert. 

instagram video reels

Discovery. When your Reels are posted to a public profile, they may be eligible and recommended for more people to see. This also allows other users to Remix, edit, and add their own spin on the videos using Instagram’s built-in tools like templates and a new Dual feature that records your front and back cameras simultaneously. 

A few exceptions. There are a few exceptions to this, like videos posted before things changed today and videos that are longer than 15 minutes. The blog post also indicated that currently, only videos under 90 seconds in length will be eligible for the Discovery and recommendation system.

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Remix tools. Instagram is also expanding tools for Remix to help enhance the way stories are told on Instagram when collaborating with creators and friends, including:

  • Remix for photos: Photos are core to the Instagram experience. In the coming weeks, you will be able to remix public photos. This gives you a limitless inspiration to create your own unique reel.
  • Expanded Remix layouts: Choose between a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view to add your own video commentary to existing reels.
  • Add your clip: Have a hot take? Rather than having your remix appear at the same time as the original reel, you can now add your clip after the original so it plays sequentially.

Source: New Instagram videos under 15 minutes will automatically become Reels

Does Reddit even have an ads policy?

does reddit even have an ads policy

A study conducted by Marketing Brew and an API called Pushshift resulted in some pretty odd findings regarding which subreddits allowed ads and which ones didn’t. 

The findings. The results are based on the API pulling data from the top 2,500 most popular subreddits. They show that despite spending the last decade trying to address brand-safety concerns, their actual approach is more cautious, which makes the platform seem unpredictable and inconsistent. 

Where Reddit doesn’t allow advertising. These are popular subreddits where Reddit doesn’t allow ads. 

  • r/mileycyrus
  • r/mensrights
  • r/daftpunk
  • r/floridaman
  • r/mensrights  
  • r/mdma
  • r/islam
  • r/israel
  • r/redhotchilipeppers
  • r/depression 
  • r/archerfx (a community dedicated to a popular animated television show)
  • r/ska
  • r/stopsmoking

Where Reddit does allow ads. Some subreddits that were allowed to run ads included political and alcohol topics.

  • r/alcohol
  • r/crypto
  • r/religion
  • r/politics
  • r/neutralpolitics
  • r/ukpolitics
  • r/canadianpolitics
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Some ads. Weirdly enough, these subreddits were labeled as sometimes allowing ads. 

  • r/americanpolitics
  • r/internationalpolitics
  • r/liberal
  • r/conservative

What Reddit says. Reddit spokesperson Amanda Geraldo said that every new subreddit is labeled no_ads until it goes through a “manual human review” to gauge if it’s considered safe. She also said subreddits labeled as some_ads require advertisers to “opt-in or opt-out of advertising” and are considered “expanded inventory.”

Source: Does Reddit even have an ads policy?

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