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Weekly News: Google Ads releases disapproved ads auditor tool

Google Ads releases disapproved ads auditor tool

Google has released a disapproved ads auditor tool for Google Ads that flags and can delete policy-violating ads across your accounts. To integrate this into your software you need to have skills in Python, BigQuery API, Google Ads API, and OAuth 2.0.

What it does. The disapproved ads auditor tool “enables advertisers to review at scale all disapproved ads across their Google Ads accounts,” the company said. This view allows advertisers to proactively audit their accounts, analyze the ad disapprovals holistically and identify learnings to minimize and reduce the submission of potentially policy-violating ads, the company added.

You can run the tool in two two Python modes:

  • “Audit Mode”- export an output of disapproved ads across your accounts
  • “Remove Mode” – delete currently disapproved ads and log details.

Github. You can view the implementation details on Github, but keep in mind, it is estimated to take about two hours to implement this solution into your systems.

This can help those who manage a lot of accounts or a lot of ads an easier way to stay on top of and scale management of disapproved ads in Google ads. Google said “advertisers operating at scale need a solution to holistically review policy-violating ads across their accounts so they can ensure compliance with Google’s Ad Policies. As Google introduces more policies and enforcement mechanisms, advertisers need to continue checking their accounts to ensure they comply with Google’s Ads Policies.“

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3 ways to check technical SEO health issues on your website

No matter how great your content is, your website’s ranking and traffic will suffer if there are unresolved technical issues. That’s why SEOs need to routinely check the health of their properties.

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“Technical SEO needs to be aware of and support all functions of the business that have anything to do with the website,” said Ashley Berman Hale, VP, professional services at Deepcrawl, during her session at SMX Next. “We are nothing if we don’t have the support, the buy-in, and the understanding of the challenges of our colleagues and what they need.”

This need to be aware of other digital business functions highlights technical SEO’s importance in organizations. Without solid technical practices in place, other parts of the website will experience issues, which could affect your bottom line.

pillar showing technical seo as foundational
SEO pyramid. Source: Ashley Berman Hale

“You have to have a return on your investment,” she said. “It has to be sustainable — you have to be able to grow in a way that allows you to not just manage tech debt, but to innovate and become best in class. That’s what you need to succeed in organic search.”

Taking control of your website means pinpointing the most pressing technical issues. Here are three ways Hale recommends marketers check their site’s SEO health.

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SEO software tools: What marketers need to know

Search Engine Optimization remains the stalwart mainstay of digital marketing, with search driving around 50% of website traffic on average, according to an analysis of SimilarWeb data by Growth Badger. But the practice of SEO has become more complex and it involves more considerations than SEOs enjoyed in the “ten blue links” era.

Today, SEO includes everything from content marketing and distribution to user experience, and even the core job of gathering and interpreting search intelligence has become more challenging as the search engines continually
change their display of results and port them over to other media like voice assistants. This doesn’t mean that the well-established SEO best practices should be cast aside, however. Keyword research, page-level analysis, backlink tracking and acquisition, and rank tracking are still of critical importance, even as the environment continues to change.

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SEO platforms offer numerous capabilities that range from keyword research and rank-checking to backlink analysis and acquisition, as well as competitive intelligence, social signal integration, and workflow rights and roles.

Enterprise-level platforms may also provide a more extensive link and site audits or analytics that include predictive scoring systems to identify potential opportunities to improve page performance or link authority. Vendors differentiate by offering more frequent or detailed data updates or content marketing features that sometimes require additional investment.

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google burning links poll 1641562484

Tim Soulo from ahrefs posted a Twitter poll asking will you pay money to get links in 2022? Sadly, someone spammed the poll but I recreated it and it clearly shows that many, almost half of SEOs, are planning on buying and paying for links in 2022.

With 770 results, if you remove the see results option, you see about 53% say they will not pay for links in 2022 but 47% said they will pay for links in 2022.

This is despite Google having a specific guideline against paid links saying “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.”

Also, in 2017, Gary Illyes from Google said that buying links is like throwing money out of the window.

Does this surprise you at all?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Google: Keyword Density Still Not An SEO Search Ranking Factor

google keyword density 1640969244

So it is now 2022 and some folks are asking if keyword density is an SEO Google search ranking factor. The answer is still no, according to John Mueller, a Search Advocate at Google.

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This came up on Reddit just days before the end of the 2021 year. The question posted was “in your opinion, is keyword density still a SEO factor in 2021?” John Mueller responded to that saying “no.” Yes, that is all he said – no.

John has been saying this for about a decade, maybe longer.

Keyword density as an SEO topic is older than Google and it is one of those topics that will likely never die.

Oh, if you do not know what keyword density is, according to Wikipedia “keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization, keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.”

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