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Weekly News: Blackberry stops support for its classic smartphones

Blackberry stops support for its classic smartphones

Before the dominance of iPhone and Android smartphones, BlackBerry used to dominate as a popular phone brand. Now the company’s power is slowly decreasing in the smartphone industry. Recently, the company has officially announced that it will stop supporting all its Classic smartphone models. This means that any users who were using the BlackBerry Classic smartphone today will no longer use it.

The company officially announced on Thursday that the company is now going to stop support on smartphones running BlackBerry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series, and BlackBerry 10. Additionally, the tech giant has warned its users that it will stop updating these software’s so that the carrier or Wi-Fi of these devices is still functional. Due to which maybe even basic functions like calls, cellular data, SMS, and emergency calls on these smartphones may stop reducing. The company will officially stop support for these models from January 4, 2022.

However, the company made it clear that its devices which work on Android. They will continue to receive support in the future. In a press release for non-Android device users, the company said that, as a reminder, we are notifying that some basic services such as BlackBerry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series, and BlackBerry 10 will cease to support any further. It is doing so that facilities like calls, SMS, emergency calls can be stopped through these devices.

Currently, OnwardMobility holds a license to manufacture BlackBerry devices. After the introduction of the iPhone, the market value of Blackberry dropped significantly, and eventually, the company lost its relevance.

When other brands such as Samsung switched to touchscreen smartphones to stay in the market, Blackberry decided to continue with its older smartphones, and by then, it was too late to make a comeback. If you are also using an Android Blackberry smartphone, then make sure to back up your phone’s data as soon as possible.

Source: Blackberry stops support for its classic smartphones

InMotion hosting server major hardware failure

hosting server

InMotion hosting server experienced a major hardware downfall causing many sites to go offline. The host is surging to restore assistance

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InMotion hosting underwent a major hardware downfall on Monday. The reason for the downfall was the RAID arrangement, which is the tough drive. The present situation is that they are restoring the servers with the latest backups.

The server failure seems to have just influenced one server, with the influenced server called ecbiz213. If your site is operating and up, then this outage cannot influence your website at all. InMotion is on Twitter dealing with consumer feedback. Nonetheless, some are noting that they have not obtained notes. It’s not impossible that they linked hosting email accounts to the down server.

InMotion today introduced their support page to report that they were apt to find more latest backups, which is positive news. That implies they will be apt to renew sites, hopefully to the extremely new versions. It is always a positive idea to retain a backup on hand for specifically this cause. While a web keeper generally conserves tie-ups of their hard drives, it’s certainly the best method to maintain a weekly or daily backup.

Source: InMotion hosting server major hardware failure

Indian Government asks Apple to invest in ‘Make in India’ goods worth $50 billion

made in china

The tech giant Apple has been approached by the Central government t of India to focus more on the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The center has proposed that the company increase its annual production output worth $50 billion over the next 5-6 years. The production would include expanding, making ‘Made in India’ iPhones, Macbooks, iPads, air pods, and watches. 

As per Times of India source, “The meeting with the Apple officials happened recently, where senior government members – including a top minister – were present.”

Additionally, the tech giant is also expanding its business in India to expand its presence by generating 1 million jobs across India. The company’s vice president of Product Operations, Priya Balasubramaniam, mentioned that Apple has been operating in India for over two decades. It is worth noting that the tech giant started manufacturing iPhones at a facility in Bengaluru in 2017.

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Source: Indian Government asks Apple to invest in ‘Make in India’ goods worth $50 billion

Samsung unveils new MicroLED TVs in smaller sizes at CES 2022

Samsung on Monday introduced its new 2022 model MicroLED TVs, some of which are smaller in sizes than previous iterations, ahead of CES 2022 starting on Wednesday.

The South Korean tech giant said its 2022 roster of the technology will come in 110-inch, 101-inch, and 89-inch TV sizes. Samsung began selling MicroLED TVs as 110-inch screens last year.

MicroLED uses micrometre-sized LEDs to express individual pixels and do not use a backlight or a color filter. This allows better colour accuracy and a higher contrast ratio than conventional liquid crystal display TVs that use a backlight.

Samsung said it applied 20-bit micro contrast processing technology to the 2022 model MicroLED TVs to improve HDR features of the TVs.

The company claimed that the sets met 100% of the RGB color space set by DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB.

The new MicroLED TVs also support up to four HDMI port connections to split the screen into four to display four different contents simultaneously, Samsung said. They also support Dolby Atmos Sound and have speakers on all four sides.

Meanwhile, Samsung also said its 2022 model Neo QLED TVs will come with an upgraded processor that supports better contrast mapping than last year’s edition.

The TVs can now control the luminance of the screen at 14-bit rather than 12-bit.

Also ahead of CES on the same day, LG Display said it will introduce its new OLED technology that improves the luminance of the screen by up to 30% compared to its predecessors.

The technology, called OLED.EX, uses new deuterium-based organic material and the company’s own algorithm to improve luminance.

All OLED panels it ships will come with the technology from the second quarter, LG Display added.  

Source: Samsung unveils new MicroLED TVs in smaller sizes at CES 2022

Could electric velomobiles change micromobility? Meet the Kinner Car

electric velomobiles

If you’re a fan of velomobiles and love the retro style, then I think you’ll find the Kinner Car intriguing — and not just because of its hybrid car-bike nature. While the Kinner is described as a primarily human-powered vehicle, you’ll still get electrical assistance.

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Still a work under progress, the current prototype is 285cm long, 100cm wide, and has a 220cm wheelbase, allowing it to be legally classified as an electrically assisted bicycle — in Europe, at least. 

It fits two riders and has room for luggage under the hood.

The Kinner has been created by guitar-builder and classic-vehicle-restorer Ari Jukka Luomaranta. I reached out to him, to get to know more about it. 

What type of electric motor will the vehicle use?

According to Luomaranta, the Kinner will use an assistant electric motor with automatic gears. 

Plus, you can turn the Kinner “on” by simply using the respective app on your mobile.

Does the Kinner fill a gap in the micromobility market?

Micromobility is booming in cities around the world, and we’re seeing more and more ebikes, escooters, tri- and quadcycles on the streets. So this made me wonder, is there a place for vehicles like the Kinner?

Luomaranta believes there will be demand for this kind of vehicle in the future.

To begin with, the Kinner encapsulates a more social concept, he says. You can ride it with a friend, a partner, a parent, you name it. Plus, it’s flexible and can easily be built in different variations to accommodate different social activities.

In fact, Luomaranta believes that as European cities are transforming their central areas into low-emission zones, the Kinner could provide a viable replacement to cars, by offering comfort without any environmental impact.

When will the Kinner be available?

The first deliveries will start in April 2022 and the velomobile comes with a $17,448 price tag. 

Luomaranta says that they have already received orders and that they will start making the first batch of six cars in the beginning of January. 

Source: Could electric velomobiles change micromobility? Meet the Kinner Car

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