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Weekly News: LinkedIn Debunks Algorithm Myths In New Video Series

LinkedIn Debunks Algorithm Myths In New Video Series

LinkedIn is debunking common myths about its how its algorithm works in a new series of videos rolling out over the next several weeks.

There’s currently two episodes of ‘Mythbusting the Feed’ published, with at least two more confirmed to be on the way.

The series aims to provide greater clarity around the types of content LinkedIn surfaces content in peoples’ feeds, while addressing misconceptions and assumptions.

What Conversation Topics Does The LinkedIn Feed Like To Surface?

People are free to post about anything they want on LinkedIn, but not all content gets equal visibility. The LinkedIn feed is preferential toward surfacing certain types of posts over others, as is the case with most social media sites today.

Does The LinkedIn Feed Only Surface ‘Professional’ Topics?

There’s a misconception that LinkedIn posts should be strictly professional.

LinkedIn sees professional growth and personal growth as intertwined, so it encourages both types of content.

There are times when professional milestones intersect with personal milestones, which make for great opportunity to show your LinkedIn network a side of who you are outside of work.

Source: LinkedIn Debunks Algorithm Myths In New Video Series

Samsung to shut down its LCD business in June, here’s why

samsung to shut down its lcd business in june

Samsung has always been ahead of its game when it comes to phone screens. The company’s LCD panels in the past were used in phones, TVs, laptops, and other devices. However, ever since OLED became widely popular among TVs and smartphones, Samsung continued to work majorly on the modern OLED technology, while the LCD panels’ use case remained limited. Now, reportedly, Samsung will shut down its LCD business in the vow of making OLED and Quantum dot (QD) screens. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to stick to 25W fast charging, full specs revealed

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LCD Prices have fallen over the years

The report comes from South Korea, where Samsung is said to shut down its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) business in June of this year. This is majorly due to the competition from Chinese and Taiwanese makers that offer cheaper LCD panels. Also Read – From Galaxy F23 5G to Galaxy S21 FE 5G: Best Samsung phones under Rs. 50,000

Samsung was expected to close its LCD-making business months later this year, however, the company decided to discontinue the business early due to rapid losses from falling LCD prices in the market. Also Read – Samsung may cut smartphone production by 30 million units due to Russia-Ukraine war: Report

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the average price of LCD panels has fallen rapidly. In comparison to 2014’s 100, the price index of LCD panels this year in September will fall down to 36.6. In April this year, it was 41.5, which was considered a record low for the LCD price index.

Another reason for Samsung Display to close its LCD lineup is because its largest buyer, Samsung Electronics is taking screens from Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts like BOE technology group and AU Optronics Corp. It appears to be cheaper that way.

Source: Samsung to shut down its LCD business in June, here’s why

WordPress Turns 19

wordpress turns 19

May 27 marks 19 years since 19-year old Matt Mullenweg partnered with Mike Little to release the first version of WordPress based on the b2/cafelog software. The blog where he shared his thoughts on life and tech was starting to get more traffic and he wanted to ensure its future after the b2/cafelog’s main developer disappeared.

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Mullenweg had the vision for what WordPress should be, even before it had a name. It centered on extensibility, a hallmark feature that has made the platform as popular as it is today:

“What should it do? Well, it would be nice to have the flexibility of MovableType, the parsing of TextPattern, the hackability of b2, and the ease of setup of Blogger.”

Although Textpattern, the interesting new publishing tool at the time, had everything Mullenweg might want in a blogging tool, he wasn’t sure about its licensing at the time. He decided to fork b2/cafelog, which lives on today in a different form as WordPress, thanks to its GPL licensing. Mike Little joined the effort and the rest is history.

The highlight of this year’s anniversary celebrations is the wp19.day website created by David Bisset and his daughter Olivia Bisset, who also managed the project. WordPress users and contributors from all over the world left their heartfelt greetings to celebrate the occasion. Reading through, it’s easy to get a sense of the tremendous good WordPress has done for the world, giving so many a voice, a livelihood, and a chance to live their dreams.

Source: WordPress Turns 19

Google hits back at claims Gmail inbox filters are biased

google hits back at claims gmail inbox filters are biased

Google’s Gmail is easily one of the best email services around, but that doesn’t shield the company from criticism – far from it.

In fact, tensions ran high(opens in new tab) in a recent meeting between Google’s staff and Republican Senators after the lawmakers criticized Gmail for allegedly having a bias against right-wing fundraising and campaign emails.

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The genesis for the frustration was a recent study(opens in new tab) of 300,000 emails during the 2020 election that claimed Gmail was 50% more likely to designate messages from Republicans as spam than those from Democrats.

Now, whether unsolicited spam messages should be getting into inboxes in the first place remains a topic for debate, but perhaps there is something there. 

Google certainly disagrees and has released a blog post(opens in new tab) written by Gmail’s Neil Kumaran, who is responsible for product safety. Rather than answering specific allegations, Google offered a lesson in how best to work with Gmail.

Analysis: Threading the line

It’s not the first time a big technology company has been accused of bias against conservative or right-wing users by Republicans – and it won’t be the last.

Google is likely more focused on user retention and whether email users are ‘enjoying’ the content that arrives in their inboxes, as opposed to whether a political party can send countless fundraising emails.

But political problems need to be avoided, especially if Republicans overturn the Democrats’ House majority later this year and begin to launch investigations into Gmail.

Source: Google hits back at claims Gmail inbox filters are biased

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