Weekly News: YouTube updates Masthead ad requirements to allow sports betting

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YouTube updates Masthead ad requirements to allow sports betting

YouTube now allows sports betting ads to serve on the masthead as long as the ads comply with the related gambling and games policy.

masthead ad requirements for youtube

Recent masthead updates. Additional masthead updates were released in June for alcohol and prescription drugs. Full-day masthead reservations were discontinued and replaced with more targeted options. The new CPM option allows mastheads to be more accessible to a broader market of advertisers. 

Read the announcement. You can read the information from Google here. Google’s guidelines for advertising sports and gambling can also be found here.

Advertisers who run YouTube campaigns for sports and gambling can now have their ads in the most prominent ad space, so long as they comply with YouTube policies.

Source: YouTube updates Masthead ad requirements to allow sports betting

Google is rolling out new campaign and ad group Setup columns

Google is slowly rolling out new Setup columns at the campaign and ad group levels.

What is a Setup column? The new Setup column was first noticed by Steve Seeley, who posted about the update on Twitter.

steve seeley twitter

The Setup column includes information about:

  • Disapproved ads
  • Disapproved keywords
  • Eligible ads
  • Eligible keywords
  • Eligible Responsive Search Ads
  • Eligible ad groups
  • Responsive search ad-strength details
  • Eligible site link extensions
  • Eligible image extensions
setup column available

More Setup column info. You can read more info about the new Setup columns here.

This info should help advertisers identify issues in their campaigns and ad groups as well as quickly find images, keywords, and ads that need to be adjusted. If you have access to the new Setup column, you should see it in your settings at the campaign or ad group level.

Source: Google is rolling out new campaign and ad group Setup columns

Google has updated its Traffic Quality site with new text and policy visuals

Google has just announced an update to their Invalid Traffic site.

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What is Invalid Traffic? Invalid Traffic is “any activity that doesn’t come from a real user with genuine interest. It can include accidental clicks caused by intrusive ad implementations, fraudulent clicking by competing advertisers, advertising botnets, and more.”

What Google says. The site revamp was announced on Twitter by Google Policy Transparency staff member Aurora Morales.

aurora morales

Invalid Traffic examples. In their update, Google provides 12 examples of Invalid Traffic but adds that this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Accidental clicks
  • Ad hiding
  • Ad stacking
  • Clickjacking
  • Pop-under ad

Invalid traffic affects Google AdSense, Ads Manager, and mobile apps. Advertisers who consistently see increased clicks, lower CTR, or suspect that their ads are being clicked by bots or competitors may see their ad spend decrease as Google works to stop the fraud and lessen the costs to account holders.

Source: Google has updated its Traffic Quality site with new text and policy visuals

Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising

Google is giving advertisers until October to comply with a new policy, or their ads will be disapproved.

google will reject ads leading to pages with intrusive advertising

Google Ads is implementing a new policy requiring landing pages to meet the “better ads standards,” as the Coalition For Better Ads laid out.

A change to Google’s destination requirements policy states if an ad leads to a page that doesn’t comply with the better ad standards, Google will disapprove the ad.

Google is sending emails to advertisers informing them of the policy change, which leaves roughly a month to make necessary updates.

The email reads:

“In October 2022, the Destination requirements policy will be updated to include a new policy requiring ad experiences on destinations to conform to the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards. Destinations containing ad experiences that do not conform to the Better Ads Standards will be informed via the Ad Experience Report, and any ads that lead to such destinations will be disapproved.”

If you’re running Google Ads, this new policy means you must be extra careful about the pages people land on.

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Google doesn’t want advertisers sending people to pages that contain intrusive or annoying ad experiences.

Your landing pages may be complying with the better ads standards already, especially if they’re optimized for Google’s page experience update.

If you’re unsure whether your landing pages meet the standards, Google will inform you in the Ad Experience Report.

Source: Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising

Skills for next-generation employees by LinkedIn


LinkedIn has published a new report today. It lists the top 20 skills that will be in demand and looked for by most recruiters. The report studies the postings of different companies and has analyzed that 78% of the required skills are from the list.

LinkedIn concludes that there is a drastic change in skill set requirements over the past decade. The requirement has changed by 25% since 2015. The company expects it to change by 41% by 2025.

The top 20 skills required in the market are not surprising. Customer service, Sales, Accounting, Businesses Development, marketing, and Leadership are a few skills that have made it to the top.

Apart from making this list, LinkedIn has made job search and hiring easy. For example, LinkedIn will update search results to surface job listings that are more relevant to a user’s skill set. This will ease the process for both the job seeker and the hiring company.

SQL, Social Media Marketing, and engineering are also part of the top 20 skills by LinkedIn. With a general list, LinkedIn also released a list of top 10 marketing skills today. The list includes Digital marketing, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Email Marketing, etc.

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On top of this, it has also launched 10 related courses that can help upskill an employee’s resume. The courses are free till 30 September’22. After that, however, there will be charges for exams and a digital certificate.

Source: Skills for next-generation employees by LinkedIn

WordPress To Drop Security Updates for Versions 3.7 Through 4.0 by December 2022

wordpress versions

WordPress’ Security Team announced it will be dropping support for versions 3.7 through 4.0 on December 1, 2022. To give some context for how old these versions are, in 2013, WordPress 3.7 introduced automatic background updates, and 3.8 updated the admin with a new design based on the MP6 plugin.

WordPress’ official policy is that the security team only provides support for the most recent version, but as a courtesy has extended backporting security fixes to older versions that are able to receive automatic updates.

“Until now, these courtesy backports have included all versions of WordPress supporting automatic updates,” 10up-sponsored Security Team member Peter Wilson said. “Versions WordPress 3.7 – 4.0 have reached levels of usage, namely less than 1% of total installs, where the benefit of providing these updates is outweighed by the effort involved.”

More than half of all WordPress sites are on the latest version – 6.0+ (54.3%), and security updates will still be available to more than 99% of sites on older versions after this change. Wilson said the decision to drop support for 3.7 through 4.0 was based on the information reported on the statistics page.

Source: WordPress To Drop Security Updates for Versions 3.7 Through 4.0 by December 2022

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