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Weekly News: AIOSEO WordPress plugin integrates Microsoft Clarity

AIOSEO WordPress plugin integrates Microsoft Clarity

The latest version of the AIOSEO (All in One SEO) WordPress plugin (4.1.9) adds integration with Microsoft Clarity. Clarity is Microsoft’s free analytics tool that provides insights into on-site user behavior.

Clarity’s dashboard shows a visual overview of user behavior. Then you can dive deeper into heatmaps (to see where users interact most often and how far they scroll) and session recordings (to see mouse movements, clicks, taps, and scrolls for all users, across pages and devices).

AIOSEO is installed on more than 3 million websites. Clarity, which came out of beta in 2020, has also been integrated with Bing Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Advertising.

How to activate Clarity in AIOSEO. Go to:

  • General Settings » Webmaster Tools Verification
  • Click on the Microsoft Clarity icon
  • If you don’t have one already, you’ll be prompted to create a Clarity project.
  • Fill in your details. 
  • Copy and paste your Clarity tracking code.
  • Click Save. 

It will take Clarity a couple of hours to gather data. 

Source: AIOSEO WordPress plugin integrates Microsoft Clarity

3 ways Google Performance Max campaigns boost paid search in 2022

google ads

Google recently released its Performance Max campaigns enabling businesses to advertise their ads across all of Google’s channels (Search, Display, Gmail, Maps, Discovery, YouTube, etc.) instead of creating specialized ads for each channel.

However, as with any automated advertising platform, it’s best to oversee and guide the overall strategic direction to ensure campaign success. 

Join paid search experts from Adthena to learn three ways to boost your Google Performance Max campaigns to ensure they deliver real business results.

Source: 3 ways Google Performance Max campaigns boost paid search in 2022

Google Docs can write your meta descriptions

Was the meta description for this article written by Google? Or a human editor at Search Engine Land?

You can’t tell, can you? That’s how far machine learning has come. Read on the learn the “shocking” truth.

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Auto-generating content summaries. Earlier this year, Google started automatically generating content summaries for Docs users. Google explains the technology behind how it works in this blog post if you want to dive into the natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG) of it all.

In short, based on the text of your document, Google will suggest a summary for you. You can choose to use the summary if it looks good to you, or you can edit the summary to be more to your liking.

This was interesting news because if there’s one thing I know from editing for 20+ years, it’s that people – even some great content writers – have a hard time condensing 1,000+ words into one or two short sentences or ideas that are optimized for search and act as a teaser to entice clicks (without giving away everything). 

Testing out Google Docs summaries. I was curious to see how good Google Docs is at generating summaries, so I looked at my five most recent articles. 

In short, Google Docs is surprisingly good at generating summaries. It’s by no means 100% perfect – but it’s at a level you’d expect from Google. I’m sure you already have seen Google’s intelligence at work in Gmail, offering responses to an email or suggesting how you should finish a sentence as you’re writing it.

Source: Google Docs can write your meta descriptions

Lessons in Buying Group Marketing – Learning to dance with your sales team

Influ2 Buying Group Marketing Learning to dance with your sales team March 2022

First, you walk. Then you run. What if, instead, you learned to dance?

While Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a key strategy today, going forward, B2B marketers will take a more holistic view. More of a dance than a race, marketing is evolving to look at the entire lifecycle and how to care for the customer relationship at each phase. Driven by this holistic approach, Forrester proclaims in its New Tech: Account-Based Marketing Q1, 2022 report that “the term Account-Based Marketing will disappear by 2025 as B2B organizations focus on the entire customer lifecycle.”

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As part of this evolution: Buying Group Marketing (BGM). While ABM blankets your key accounts with messaging, BGM targets the specific people involved in purchase decisions at your key accounts. It does this through carefully crafted buying group personas and delivering custom campaigns to buying team members. It’s a person-based marketing approach versus an account-based one. BGM is about relationship building – externally and internally.

While that sounds great, the devil is in the details.

One of the keys to implementing a successful BGM strategy requires a fundamental paradigm shift in how you market. As Forrester reinforces in the New Tech report, “sales and marketing must come together to identify and prioritize buying groups for effective ABM.”

A lead isn’t something to be tossed over the wall at the MQL stage for sales to run with. Employing a BGM strategy, requires marketing and sales to work together at every stage of the customer lifecycle from awareness to deal and beyond.

If your marketing and sales alignment has looked more like a tussle than a dance in the past, it’s time to streamline your moves into elegant choreography. Here’s how you and sales can ditch your two left feet and learn to dance well together.

How BGM sales-marketing alignment works

Let’s set the scene with an example from the movie Dirty Dancing.

In this 80s classic, there is a scene where Baby (the main character) is learning to dance the Mambo with Johnny (the dance instructor). His usual partner, Penny is on the sidelines and can see that Baby is struggling to learn the steps. So, Penny steps in and guides Baby from behind while Johnny leads. And the three of them move together in fluid unison to the music until Baby gets the moves down and learns the dance.

How does this relate to Buying Group Marketing?

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In an effective BGM strategy, Johnny represents the sales team, Penny represents the marketing team, and Baby is the prospect. Marketing and sales work together to guide the prospect into finding the right steps and rhythm that will help them succeed.

This is a fundamental shift in how sales and marketing has traditionally worked together. With BGM, marketing is no longer stuck on one side (or in Dirty Dancing… the corner) of the MQL wall but involved in all the stages of the process. Because of this, each department needs to know the steps and be able to dance together first. Then they can bring the prospect in and teach them to dance, too.

Source: Lessons in Buying Group Marketing – Learning to dance with your sales team

How to write compelling ad copy in a Smart Bidding landscape

Google’s Smart Bidding system is a set of automated ad bidding strategies that use machine learning to help optimize bidding for conversions. It makes it easier for marketers to increase sales, leads, and profits by deploying the most effective ads at scale.

However, this advanced advertising technology doesn’t negate marketers’ responsibility for crafting rich, engaging ad copy. In fact, Smart Bidding requires even more input from qualified professionals.

smart bidding progression

“I still feel that there’s a degree of autonomy that requires us to make those choices,” said Ashley Fletcher, VP of marketing at Adthena, in a recent webinar. “AI is at its best when it gives you those choices.”

“The world of search marketing is built around AI,” he added, and marketers need to know how to write ad copy that gives the Smart Bidding system the best options to choose from.

Source: How to write compelling ad copy in a Smart Bidding landscape

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