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Weekly News: New Yelp feature: Request a Call

New Yelp feature: Request a Call

Yelp has added a new Request a Call feature to help service businesses more easily connect with potential clients. Users can specify a preferred call-back time. It’s then up to businesses to either confirm or ask for a different time.

How Request a Call works. People who land on your Yelp business page can click on a Request a call button. They must then select a service they want from you, then enter their phone number and preferred call time. This time could be super specific or a larger time window. 

yelp request a call

When someone requests a call from your business, you will get a message in your Yelp for Business inbox, asking them to call the potential customer at the requested time window. Businesses then have three response options:

  • Confirm call time. You will be prompted to specify a date and time you will call the customer (e.g., “I will call you this Friday at 1:30 p.m.”)
  • Reschedule/unavailable. You can suggest a different call time to the customer.
  • Need more information. You can ask the customer for whatever additional information you need before confirming the call. 

Businesses won’t be able to call a user on their actual phone number. That’s because, for privacy, Yelp creates a masked, temporary phone number. There is also an authentication PIN (personal identification number).

Source: New Yelp feature: Request a Call

TikTok Launches Creator-Crediting Feature

TikTok users will now be able directly tag and credit video creators using a button in the social media app.

tiktok launches creator crediting feature

TikTok is adding a new feature that will allow users to credit video creators and trend originators.

By allowing users to tag, mention and credit a video in posts, it will encourage people to credit their sources of inspiration.

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Currently, when TikTok users want to credit another video, they can only acknowledge that creator in the captions or comments. The new feature will allow them to credit specific videos.

Users will be able to access the feature through the video page after posting or editing a video.

On the video page, they will have the option to tag videos they have liked, favorited, posted or that used the same sounds.

Additionally, TikTok will add user prompts like pop-ups explaining the importance of crediting and encouraging user to cite original creators.

tiktok credit creators

Feature Comes Nearly a Year After Backlash from Black Creators

For some time, TikTok has faced accusations from users who feel their original content is being hijacked without proper credit being given.

“It’s important to see a culture of credit take shape across the digital landscape and to support underrepresented creators in being properly credited and celebrated for their work,” Chikumbu said in the post.

Source: TikTok Launches Creator-Crediting Feature

WooCommerce Calls for Early Testing on Custom Order Table Migrations

At the beginning of this year, WooCommerce announced its plan to produce an MVP of custom order tables by Q3, 2022, a long-awaited improvement that promises significant performance gains for stores. The plugin’s development team is now calling for developers, agencies, and hosting companies to test migration to its first implementation of customer order tables.

The process involves migrating orders from wp_posts and wp_postmeta to four new custom orders tables:

  1. wp_wc_orders
  2. wp_wc_order_addresses
  3. wp_wc_order_operational_data
  4. wp_wc_orders_meta

It requires a staging environment configured with WP-CLI and a staging database pre-loaded with order data.

WooCommerce developer Vedanshu Jain has created a migration testing guide, which details the custom code developers will need to add in order to enable the custom order tables. Once enabled, developers will have the option to migrate tables using WP-CLI or via Action Scheduler.

custom orders tables migration

Source: WooCommerce Calls for Early Testing on Custom Order Table Migrations

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Google Launches Tool For Practicing Job Interviews

Google has launched Interview Warmup, a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people prepare for job interviews.

Using voice-to-text or the keyboard, users can practice answering questions commonly asked in interviews, as well as job-specific ones picked by an expert in that field.

google job interview

The tool then analyzes the answers and offers suggestions for improvement.

google job interview analyzes

Currently, Interview Warmup has field-focused questions for Information Analytics, E-Commerce, IT Help, Undertaking Administration, UX Design or Basic.

Interview Warmup features three types of questions:

  • Background –  covering past training and experience
  • Situational – how specific situations were handled in the past or might be dealt with in the future
  • Technical – covering knowledge and skills, often testing how hypothetical problems would have been handled

Machine Learning Analyzes Responses and Provides Insights

As well as allowing for personal review, Google’s algorithm will employ machine learning to identify patterns and generate insights in a user’s answers. These include:

  • Job-related terms, which highlights words in answers that are relevant to the specific field
  • Most-used phrases, which points out phrases that have been used three or more times and provides alternatives.
  • Talking points uses Google’s artificial intelligence to uncover important points in replies, including skills, experience and lessons learned.

Source: Google Launches Tool For Practicing Job Interviews

Google launches video health tools to help publisher monetization

Maximizing the return on video inventory is a problem likely to be found at the top of most publishers’ lists. Help is on the way for those using Ad Manager thanks to new video specific tools from Google.

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The new features are part of the Programmatic Video Health Tools and real-time video reporting, both with goals of using automation to surface insights and information quickly.

Programmatic video signals

This card will create views that show performance across the various video platforms being used.

video signals

Some elements that are automatically reported on include: app/web domain, viewability and audience information. Users will also be able to see the impact of each on revenue.

VAST errors

The Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) errors insight cart will help with error reporting on lost ad requests. This automated view will surface the number of errors on inventory caused by improper settings or broken creative.

vast errors

Video performance alerts

Publishers will also have the ability to configure custom alerts based on requirements most important to them. This tool, Video Performance Alerts, can create a customized email based around campaign metrics and dimensions. The Video Performance Alerts feature is currently in beta.

Real time video reporting

Lastly a final tool, real-time video reporting, will help users resolve problems sooner.

real time video

This is for those serving ads on YouTube via Ad Manager and will give them the ability to test ad delivery and view ad requests, key values and details on the winning line items.

Source: Google launches video health tools to help publisher monetization

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