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Weekly News: TikTok has launched an in-app eCommerce feature

TikTok has launched an in-app eCommerce feature

In addition to its most recent shopping features, TikTok has just launched TikTok Shop, where users can now make purchases directly through the app.

Availability. TikTok officially began testing in the U.S. this week. It was previously only available in the UK and seven countries in Southeast Asia.

Invite only. TikTok is currently inviting select U.S. businesses to participate in the initiative. That means live streamers from places where the feature is not live will need to continue directing shoppers to third-party websites.

What TikTok says. “We’ve seen the positive impact of TikTok Shop, and we’re excited to continue experimenting with this new commerce opportunity to support businesses of all sizes.” 

In other TikTok news. TikTok has released several new features and products this year, including:

Why we care. The new feature is invite-only, but if the Shop feature becomes available to advertisers and brands globally, you should start testing it as an alternative way to promote your products.

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Senior Twitter Execs Resign – Bankruptcy Reportedly Isn’t Out Of The Question

Senior executives who are core to Twitter’s functioning resign. Musk reportedly says bankruptcy isn’t out of the question.

twotter bankruptcy

According to a tweet by a journalist for Platformer (@platformer), multiple senior level executives in charge of security, privacy and safety & integrity have all resigned from Twitter. Because their roles are core to Twitter’s functioning, the departures may raise questions of Twitter’s viability.

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The senior executives are:

  • Chief compliance officer Marianne Fogarty
  • Chief information security officer Lea Kissner
  • Global Head of Safety & Integrity Yoel Roth
  • Chief privacy officer Damien Kieran

Yoel Roth – Global Head of Safety & Integrity

Yoel Roth, the now-former Global Head of Safety & Integrity led a team of data analysts, policy makers and threat investigators that was responsible for making Twitter safe from platform manipulation, artificial amplification of tweets, fake accounts, protecting election integrity, fighting spam and other threats to users and the platform.

An example of the important work carried out by his team was Twitter’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Within four days of the invasion, Twitter added labels to tweets that were promoting information from Russian media. They also took action to reduce the views of such accounts.

Chief Compliance Officer Marianne Fogarty

Marianne Fogarty was in charge of regulatory compliance.

The Federal Trade Commission recently fined Twitter $150 million dollars for asking users for private information to help keep accounts secure and then using that information to serve targeted advertising.

Chief Information Security Officer Lea Kissner

A chief information security officer is primarily in charge of website and company cyber security.

How Long Can Twitter Survive?

The departure of so many senior-level employees that are key to the successful day-to-day operation of Twitter may raise concerns in some about how long Twitter can continue as a functioning company.

The departure of so many key executives may cause some to conclude that Twitter is not heading in the right direction.

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New Netflix Ads Tier Comes With An Unpredictable Price

Netflix rolls out an ads tier subscription that’s over 50% lower than its standard subscription, though there are a few hidden price tags.

new netflix ads tỉe

The opinions expressed within this story are solely the author’s and do not reflect the views and beliefs of Search Engine Journal or its affiliates.

With the looming economic challenges, consumers are scrounging everywhere to save money.

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After receiving consumer pushback from raising its subscription prices, Netflix rolled out its newest tier: Basic with Ads, in November 2022.

The ads tier subscription is $6.99 per month – almost 55% lower per month than its Standard subscription.

While the monthly cost is lower for consumers, the newest tier comes with hidden price tags.

Unpredictable Ad Timing

In the new Netflix Basic with Ads tier, users can expect around 4-5 minutes of ads per hour.

How is this comparable to other Connected TV subscriptions?

A comparison of how often Netflix ads will show compared to other streaming services.

While the amount of ad time per hour for Netflix is comparable to other streaming services, the lingering issue is when an ad will show. Ad timings are unpredictable, which interrupts the user experience.

The video content for ads is about what you expect compared to other streaming services. But the same issue is at hand – when will this show up in a user’s watching experience on Netflix?

Specific Titles Come With A Premium Price

The second nuance with Netflix Basic with Ads tier comes from what shows and movies are offered at this level.

Similar to the unpredictable ad experience, the available titles on the Basic tier seems extremely scattered without a rhyme or reason.

The restriction shouldn’t come as a surprise to users, as Netflix announced this back in July.

Titles that aren’t available for Basic users will show a red padlock, indicating that it is restricted.

The red padlock seems to be a passive “Call to Action” because users can click on the padlocked title, which takes them to an upgrade screen.

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How Can Advertisers Forecast Connected TV Engagement?

Connected TV ads aren’t new to consumers. Brands spent over $400 million in ads on Hulu alone in 2021.

In economic uncertainty, consumers may be willing to sacrifice their viewing experience to include ads while trying to save money. But if the viewing experience dwindles, consumers may be less inclined to engage with Connected TV ads.

While it’s too early to tell about Netflix Basic with Ads, a common gripe from consumers on other streaming services is the lack of variety in ads.

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Rank drop might not be a consequence of mobile usability glitch

It seems that mobile usability is a big factor when it comes to the ranking of websites. The question arises when people notice a drop in the ranking of a medical website after a glitch in mobile usability.

In an SEO discussion on Reddit, Google’s John Mueller talks about a console warning about mobile usability. Following this, the medical website saw a fall in the rank of the website.

The analysts are taking the console warning of a ranking drop very seriously. This is because of the timing of the two events, which is concluding very apparent.

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Google Ads Reach Planner now forecasts Video Action campaigns

Apple could be building an ad network for live TV

Meta earns MRC accreditation for content-level brand safety on Facebook

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